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May 29, 2011

Too much? Too little? Nah, it's just right.

How boring am I? I'm sitting here while the kid is outside somewhere (I'm hoping he's still around...), the husband is at a friend's house, and I'm trying to find activities for the kid to do this summer. Not playing Grand Theft Auto 4, or the Sims 3, or even Facebook games. I'm stressing out, thinking I need to get the kid more involved in stuff, to get him out of the house.
What I would really love is a summer long day camp, but the ones that go all summer won't take a 4 year old, or they're expensive one week camps. Bleh. I guess I'm feeling like this because we're home a lot, and last summer we didn't do much of anything, plus I feel this guilt if I'm not "socializing" him enough (which is rooted in our upcoming adventure into homeschooling). But I guess I should chill out, because the truth is he does get around kids enough, especially since he's only four. There's the (few) kids on our street who will be out more since it's summer. There's the moms we've hung out with once a week for the last 4 1/2 years that we'll probably see more of this summer. There are two homeschooling groups we're members of, plus another three playgroups that offer things. And there's other friends to hang out with, plus a large number of parks we can spend the day at and the chain of YMCAs in town since we just joined up.

Wow. That's actually a fair amount of things, huh?

I know why I worry though. The kid is an only child at the moment (fingers crossed that gets changed at some point!), and he's reaching the age for Kindergarten, so a lot of kids he knows will be disappearing into schools come August. We're very firm in our desire to homeschool the kid, but the omnipresent question of "socializing" hangs over us because of outsiders' worries. Plus the kid is simply a very outgoing kid, and I don't want to do anything to stop that since I'm such a shy introvert myself. And it's not like I'm thinking that I could change such an inborn trait, but I want to fulfill that part of him as much as I can.

Maybe I'm just worrying about nothing, though. Nowadays, since he's older and I'm fully medicated, there's rarely a week where he doesn't get a day or two out of the house and around other kids. Winter and illness hinders that once in awhile (like the plague we all had to fit off earlier this month), but that's something that happens to everybody during those times. But I am a natural worrier, so this is going to be something I'll probably worry about for the rest of my life, but typing this all out lets my rational mind have a bit of a louder voice over the irrational side, and I can put it all into perspective. The kid is all right, and I'm not going to mess him up because he stays home sometimes without another kid to play with. Myself and the husband are both only children, left to entertain ourselves a lot, and we're fine. My husband never lost his natural outgoing and friendly personality, and the kid won't either. And if I'm honest with myself, the kid will be okay in terms of "socialization". Just leaving the house and going to the grocery store gives him socialization skills, he'll just be around mom to guide him a bit more than kids in school. Not that I'm a helicopter parent. The kid gets sent off to deal with other kids by himself and he's had experiences socializing without either me or his dad around, but we'll be around more to help him handle new situations and issues.

Yeah, the kid will be all right.

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